"golden gate done", "friends added", "making Mom proud"

"golden gate done", "friends added", "making Mom proud"

Time went so fast. As always. I even didn't realize that I've started my internship in London for almost a month, but I'm still reminiscing the glorious history that we made back in June.

Sunset at Baker Beach

I was so appreciated to be given a second chance to be a student scholarship winner at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference. Meanwhile, I'm so glad that a few other students in London who also won the scholarship made me not a "lonely traveler" anymore.

It was my third time traveling to San Francisco but before this time I expected more. The big difference was, I got the driving license, that means I could drive down south to Cupertino to meet Tim Cook (actually he was too busy to meet anybody). I expected to see more, to live as a local resident, to experience some funny stuff. Well, it turns out that the experience in a McD's was both funny and disgusting, the only thing I could say was "sh*t everywhere"😅.

It'd been four years since the first time I went to San Fran. So I decided to return to some places that I visited. Golden Gate Bridge, the Red and White Fleet cruise, Union Square... Good memories. We rented a car and drove it into Silicon Valley, stopped at Stanford, Facebook, Google, Apple. Thinking of this was crazy as it was my very first time driving independently, without any instructor and anybody who can drive. It was so incredible that I almost let a tour bus crashed into us to celebrate...

Me and the rented Dodge Charger

On the way back to San Fran we decided to visit Battery Spencer, featuring panoramic views of Golden Gate & San Francisco. It was already midnight, I expected this to be epic but when we were actually there... it was just so breathtaking, just like in a wildest dream.

So the epic part of this trip is over, now it's time for the more epic story. Let's talk about WWDC. This year there were 350 student scholarships were given to student and STEM teachers from all over the world. Also I'd say that this year's scholarship events were much more well-organized than last year. We got the NFC badge, a free Apple TV developer kit, lots of free food and drinks, ANNND selfies with Tim Cook. Still remember that scene when Tim showed up, everyone rushed into him. I couldn't be more patient to stay there telling people "patient is a virtue". As a grown-ass man you can't do anything else to those kids ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

The whole conference week was so packed that we only had a little time to socialize. I was so delighted to talk to strangers, to make connections and to just stay with friends. I feel that "learn, build and share" spirit is everywhere. We built stuff to be eligible to come to the conference. We learned stuff from others who were from other part of the world. We shared our own success to each other and looped back to build. To build the life-long friendships.

The summary is so simple. "golden gate done", "friends added", "making Mom proud". But there are more behind the scene.

Now the story finished. It's time to come back to normal life.

Sounds sad isn't it? Well, I'm always looking forward to my next crazy summer.

Road to the UK's Tier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa

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