iOS X, macOS, watchOS3, ... and WWDC'16

iOS X, macOS, watchOS3, ... and WWDC'16

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It's this time of year again and I will be talking about WWDC 2016 here today. 

What is WWDC?

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WWDC is the annual Worldwide Developers Conference held by Apple in San Francisco, California. This year, the keynote event will be in the historical Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, which can hold 7,000 people. And this means, this year might be slightly different than any other years. There are rumors about the Apple Car, the new MacBook Pro... but let's just not talk about rumors. Apple will eventually announce new products / softwares on June 13th.


Student Scholarship

Apple just announced the winners of its WWDC (Apple Worldwide Developer Conference) student scholarship. Luckily, I became one of those getting the scholarship.

Same as last year, Apple gave 350 student scholarships this year and thousands of students from all over the world applied for it. The rule used to be simple – create an iOS / OS X app that introduces youself. However, they changed the rule this time. Instead of an introductory app, people can submit any app that they have been working on demonstrating creative use of Apple technologies and runs on an Apple platform. Moreover, people are asked to write an essay answering several questions, like "Why did you choose the features and technologies that you used in your app".

WWDC 2015 Scholarship Winners (

A lot of people chose to make an introductory app like last year, however, I submitted my final undergraduate project, ViewLDN. There wasn't enough time for me to create another app after I finished my report and submitted the whole project to the college. Well, it's easier for me but it also fits the requirement. ViewLDN will become available on the App Store with the target audience of professional photographers and travelers, helping them explore London in a more unique and distinctive way.


What is happening next?

This year Apple will hold the keynote event in Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, introuducing new softwares and tools for developers to create more exciting apps. Apple may also unveil some breathtaking hardwares. I don't think I can answer this question right now but let's just wait until the keynote day and expect something big to be happening.

I will be posting updates about the conference once we are in San Francisco. You can follow my blog and twitter.

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"golden gate done", "friends added", "making Mom proud"

"golden gate done", "friends added", "making Mom proud"

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HCExperience = ?