WWDC'14 Live Blog - Part I

WWDC'14 Live Blog - Part I


Now my friend Alex has arrived San Francisco and he took a look at Moscone Center. We are bringing news and photos before WWDC’14 Keynote here and have fun!

07:09AM June 2nd PDT:

People start to get inside and there’s another banner which cannot be seen.

07:02AM June 2nd PDT:

Let’s go in

06:39AM June 2nd PDT:

It starts soon…almost there

04:27AM June 2nd PDT:

People are waiting outside Moscone Center West, with their mates, chairs, even beds…

02:38AM June 2nd PDT:

Soo, 2am…so many people already, we’re reaching the end of Moscone West :)

06:33PM June 1st PDT:

6:30pm and already ~10 people in the queue…

10:07AM June 1st PDT:

25th WWDC….$25 gift card :)

09:29AM June 1st PDT:

I got the badge and everything else….Wooow, feels some a wesome.

09:01AM June 1st PDT:

We are in!

09:00AM June 1st PDT:

T-25 hours….we are almost there!! Let’s check in.

07:45PM May 30th PDT:

iOS 8 and OS X ‘Yosemite’ :) banners are up. Looks good, can’t wait until Monday :)

08:58AM May 30th PDT:

The decoration started, banners up and the apple logo at Moscone Centre.

And a new banner is going up….maybe the iOS 8 one?


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